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We turn pain into a smile

We approach every client calmly and in excellent spirits

We take good care of you as an athlete

we maximize your natural abilities

Take time out for yourself
keep enjoying life

How do we treat you?

Each session lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.
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Located in the barceloneta neighbourhood

Barceloneta is a maritime neighbourhood within the district of Cuitat Vella in central Barcelona. It is next to the beach and has many hidden gems.
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Treatment for back and pain

Back pain and other joints produced by the wear and tear of everyday life. In our work, household chores, sport, going up and down stairs, carrying the purchase, picking up parcels, etc.
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Physio for sports enthusiasts

Sports physiotherapy is a key component of a sportsman or woman´s training. It helps us to overcome injuries, but also to do the many things we can to prevent them.
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A treatment for each person

Treatment for back and general body pain

Pain in the back and the joints aggravated by daily life: work, housework; sport; going up and down stairs; carrying the shopping; carrying heavy boxes etc

Personalized treatments

Individualized sessions of manual therapy with physical exercise programs, we also use other technological tools of physiotherapy whose benefits are improved symptoms to allow yourself a quality of life

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Meet our optimal recovery service for participants of sporting events

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