Dry needling is an invasive technique that is performed with an acupuncture needle. It allows you to reduce the muscular and myofascial pain and eliminate the imbalances of your joints.

¿How it works?

Dry needling acts locally at the trigger Points that generate muscle pain and joint imbalance.

Once the needle is in, the trigger point area is constantly repeated, always taking into account the tolerance of the patient. After finishing the intervention the needle is removed and manual technique is applied to the treated muscle.


Some of the benefits of dry needling:

  • Relief of muscular pains
  • Decreased rigidity
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increase in the range of movement

The dry needling also acts at the global level of the body producing modifications in the nervous system, both in the peripheral nerve and in the spinal cord, leading to changes in the cerebral cortex.

Dry needling is useful for treating sports injuries, muscle pains and pains that cause pathologies such as fibromyalgia




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